The Most Beautiful Stoles Ever… (made by my mom)

After making me a stole for my Christmas present, my mom decided to venture into the stole making business. Personally, I think she has a calling as a liturgical garment maker.  Update: These sold long ago and my mom is on a bit of hiatus from her stole making business but I didn’t want to take these beautiful pictures down. These beauties will be on sale at the UFETA book for $250 each during GA. You can come by and buy them (some of the proceeds benefit UFETA) or just look at them and wish that your mom could make you these sorts of stoles. I am half-tempted to encourage you to not buy them, then I can wear them and they can be sample pieces. She also makes custom stoles and cheap easy beautiful yet simple stoles for those on a lower budget, like, um, seminarians. Enjoy!


2 Responses to The Most Beautiful Stoles Ever… (made by my mom)

  1. Chalicechick says:


    That water communion stole is gorgeous.


  2. Jess says:

    Lovely, indeed.

    I’m always curious to see how artists shape the neckline on stoles, because so many of them fit so badly. These look like they have a very nice line – particularly the one with many many pieces.

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