Eating Sustainably and Lovingly Tip #1

I was going to call this “eating sustainably tips,” but some friends in a nutrition masters program recently pointed out that eating locally raised meat and other animal products could be more sustainable than having your organic lettuce shipped in from California. So I’m going to try to strike a balance between sustainability and lovingkindness — that is, taking into account the environmental impact of what we eat, along with the “suffering factor” – for both human and non-human animals. That is, yes, maybe it is more sustainable to eat your pig from MA than your lettuce from CA (although I would have to look this up to be really convinced) but if the piggie lives a very long miserable life and then is killed in a not so nice way, that is taken into account in my tips. But enough explanation (for now).

(Drumroll please)

Eating Sustainably and Lovingly Tip #1 is: Use Soy Creamer and Soy Milk instead of cow’s milk whenever you can. Soy creamer and soy milk seems to act like cow milk to me in every way. I use it to cook, for coffee, etc. W. my partner drinks the soy milk, but I was never a big milk-drinker no matter where it comes from. Sooooo, if you didn’t know, cow’s milk is not that good for you (I’m sorry – I’ll have to get a nice little collection of articles and such at a later date – this has to be short and sweet) nor is it so good for the cows from which it comes, nor is it good for our environment to breed and keep around so many cows (that eat a lot and produce a lot of waste) just so we can have their milk. And, as soon as those cows are done with milk-producing (way before the end of their natural life) they are shipped off for slaughter, so they are killed just like beef-cows, just after a little longer life of suffering. (Yes, I am aware there are still some family farms where they don’t suffer. I’m talking about the norm.). So, want to add a little kindness to your coffee? And some sustainablity to your cream of tomato soup which requires cream? Soy creamer is a great, tastes-just-like-the-stuff-you-are-used-to option. I especially like the soy creamer because it is white like milk (whereas soy milk tends to have a more skim-milk looking color). You can get this at Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and even Shaw and Star Market these days. Look up where you can get it at your local store here

And that is tip numero uno. More after I glue. If you have a tip, post it in the comments and I’ll aggregate them and post in a new posting.

4 Responses to Eating Sustainably and Lovingly Tip #1

  1. LaReinaCobre says:

    Silk’s chocolate milk is unbelievably delicious to me (and very rich), but I do drink rice milk instead of soy (soy tends to bloat me).

  2. Rebecca says:

    EG, any idea if skim milk and whole milk are equally as destructive?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I looked this up and couldn’t find anything on it, but from what I have read it seems like there is not a difference environmentally. Nutritionally, obviously whole has more fat, but apparently more other things too that are good for you. I think if you do drink dairy milk, the more local and more organic and less antibiotic-ish you can get it the better. So fun to have RG reading my blog :)

  4. Love the post. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

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