Kittens Found Under Rt. 93 – Looking for Loving Permanent Homes

Hi. We are four kittens (two brothers and two sisters) that were found at a construction site under Rt. 93 in Boston. We are currently living with a foster family, but we would really like to find permanent homes. Our names are Blake, George, Savannah and Olivia, but if you adopt us you can give us new names – we don’t mind.

We would like to be adopted in pairs. Me (that’s George) and my brother Blake would like to be adopted together because we are really best friends. We like to chase balls, jump on things, and sneak up on our sisters. I’m the most outgoing (that’s why I’m writing this) and me and Blake both love to cuddle and play. And my sisters Savannah and Olivia love to sleep and cuddle together and they want to go to a home together. They are a little more shy, but just as sweet. They also like to chase things, be rubbed under the chin, and sleep on soft blankets.

We need to go where we are indoor-only cats – living outside as kittens was really hard on us and we don’t want to face that again. When our foster parents got us we were covered with thick dirt and grime. We like it best inside where it is clean and there is no rain. We were found only a few days after the big rain storms and were wet and cold and hungry. We also need to go to a home where we will never be declawed- ouch! We are FIV/Feline Leukemia negative, and we’ve all been fixed and had our shots. If you want two new kittens to your home, we would be good candidates. We are litter trained. You would need to keep us for our whole lives, take us for yearly vet check-ups, please promise you won’t ever give us away, and won’t declaw us or let outside and especially if you really like to play and cuddle, please email our foster mom. We are fostered through Second Chance Shelter in Jamaica Plain and in order to adopt us you’ll have to fill out an application. And there is a $100 fee for each of us that covers our shots, medical care, and getting fixed. We know it seems high, but doctors prices are expensive these days! If you would like to visit us, we’re in Somerville, MA and our foster mom will set up an apt. for you to see us. We’re so excited to meet some new people and maybe find a home! Because often SO MANY people reply to kitten ads (we’re just so cute, I guess) our foster mom can’t respond to every single request. She spends a lot of time caring for us and plus she is also a student so she can only respond to a few people. She responds to people in the order they reply and if one family doesn’t work out, she goes on to the next. Thank you for your understanding about that. Please say if you want to adopt me and my brother, or if you want to adopt my sisters and if you want you can say a little about yourself. My foster mom’s email is. Thank you very much.
Sincerely, George the kitten
p.s. Below are some pictures of us.

Savannah – with white stripe down her nose

Olivia with black stripe down her nose.

George rests on the feather bed.

Blake hangs out in the bathtup

George discovers catnip.

The brothers take a nap together.

The sisters cuddle with their friend Gustav.

3 Responses to Kittens Found Under Rt. 93 – Looking for Loving Permanent Homes

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