An Addendum

After sharing my thoughts about the anti-racist filled GA schedule with my fellow UU seminarians, someone pointed out that the reason the schedule is so full of such workshops is, in part, because seminarians are expected to have training in such anti-racist stuff, but there was an ongoing complaint that there weren’t enough opportunities for such training. Soooo…. the smart people at the UUA created more opportunities for training at GA. Thus the reason for the 6001 workshops on anti-racist work. It doesn’t really completely counter my uncomfortability about UU anti-racist/white allies work in general, but it helps explain my GA schedule complaints. And, I was thinking, I suppose it is better to over-do anti-racist rhetoric than to under-do it. Still, though, I look forward to a day when the work of the UUA and UUs makes more sense to me and seems more authentically helpful to the situation on institutionalized racism — more action and less rhetoric. But that is just my gut reaction. I’ll report back after GA and maybe have a different take….

Another day of sun! Yayyyy!

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