Update from the ark

Greetings all. Apologies for such a long absence from the blog. It was nice to visit Kentucky and see family, and to celebrate the life of my grandma. I also worked at The Kettering Foundation for a day, visited the boys I work with in Dayton (all of whom are doing well), spent time bonding with my parents’ cats Sugar Boy, Sebastian, and Priscilla, and thinking about what I will write for my papers that are now due on May 17 and 22. Although I must say that four days of constant rain is not conducive to feeling motivated to write papers. I feel like we are on Noah’s ark. Speaking of animals, we watched March of the Penguins last night which was beautiful but I was really sad when some of them died and that they have to live in such harsh conditions. I am just not a movie watcher, especially when anything sad happens. To me, there is enough sadness in the world without needing to watch movies to remind me of it.


I went to a Mother’s Day party for a fellow Vagina Monologues cast member today, who gave birth to twin boys two months ago. They were early and they are litttttle and cute and all healthy now. I just love little ones and would love to have one, but I just feel like they are so much work. I think we need to be more settled before little ones arrive. Or win the lottery.

Now that I’m back in the swing of things I’ll update more often. Thanks for your comments and I’m just getting around to responding in the next few days as breaks from writing papers.

For those in the Boston area, try not to drown.

E :)

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