And You Thought You Were Messed Up

I’m sorry to venture into celebrity news here, but when taking a break from sermon writing I browse the internet and today I just happened upon People and saw this picture of Donald Trump and his new wife and a poor child. I’m sorry, but does this look like a new happy family? They aren’t smiling. It looks like DT is sort of snarling a little, but that does not count. Cut DT and the baby out and she looks like she could be in a Victoria’s Secret ad. We haven’t had a TV for about five years so I haven’t seen this show with Trump firing people, but I’ve been shocked by its popularity. I mean, he seems so creepy. And I think he looks just as creepy. Just like this weirdo family picture. This poor child could never ever turn out normal. Okay, back to writing on healing. I just had to share that.

2 Responses to And You Thought You Were Messed Up

  1. BJG says:

    Elizabeth, I’m enjoying your blog so much, and not just because you’re my daughter. I can’t believe more people aren’t writing and telling you how witty you are; or at the very least adding comments about your musings. I agree about DT. He just looks weird! But he may just be a good old boy for all I know. It sort of goes back to what we’ve talked about before—how so much of our lives and what we think and what we “experience” is not experiential at all, just a reflection of what we see and hear in the media. I “know” so much about the world, about our culture, about wild animals, about other countries, about crime, about politics, etc., yet almost all of it is based things I’ve seen in movies or on TV or from the internet, or from books, etc., and almost none of it from first-hand experience.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love that photo – so bizarre, so perfect and perfectly gruesome… makes me aspire to impoverished anonymity

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