Gustav and Mary

This is a picture of our baby Gustav and our former foster kitten Mary. She was found in the road in Needham and brought to a vet. The man who found her thought she was dead, but she was freezing and starving, poor little thing. She was nursed back to relative health at the vet and then through Second Chance Shelter in Jamaica Plain we were able to foster her until we found her a permanent home. While she was with us, Gustav decided he would take care of her and be her Mommy. They ate together, slept together, and if he couldn’t find her he would walk around and make little noises that I think translated to “Mary! Mary! Where are you? Come ouuuuttt.” and she would come out of hiding and nuzzle him. This is a picture of him giving her a bath, as he did each day. They both loved it. Mary now lives with a forever-home as the “daughter” of Liam and his wife, a couple in Porter Square, and Ginger, their other cat is Mary’s new Mommy.

One Response to Gustav and Mary

  1. Joey says:

    what a sweet picture!!!!

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