Stop me.

Really, I have to stop myself from posting many times a day. Give someone an audience (even if it is only my supervising minister and my mom to this point) and she goes wild. But, I just visited kblog and her description is below. I just thought it was such a nice descirption that I thought it would share it. I espeically liked the part about cats. Oh, you ask about why I like the part about cats? Give me time, and you will get to meet my four sweeties who teach me wonderful things each day, mostly, how important cuddling is. Along with taking naps. And the importance of just being. But I’ll stop on the cats for now. Here is the blog description I liked so well.

This is a blog about trying to live out the best of intentions and live up to the greatest of hopes even when intentions are not enough and hope is in too short supply. Aspirations, inspiration, politics, principles, philosophy, religion, sprituality, culture, kids and cats and anything else that is or may become important to me.

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