Introduction — The First Post

Greetings! I have thought a lot about having a blog but hesitated because I wondered what I would say? Who would read it (besides my parents)? Then, this morning as I was preparing to write my student minister intern column for the newsletter I thought “I know who might read it!” My wonderful congregation in Middleboro! Also, I thought that this might be a great place to easily post sermons and to discuss ideas about sermons or other things going on in the life of our community.

While I hope this is a place to share thoughts, events, etc. this is not an official First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleboro blog and the things I post here represent me — Elizabeth — not the congregation where I am an student intern minister and not Unitarian Universalism as a whole. I reserve the right to remove comments that are disrespectful or that just don’t fit or are inappropriate, although I can’t imagine that being a danger. Okay, well that’s the introduction. I will try to post interesting things here that are of interest to FUUSM, but also relevant to Unitarian Universalism, liberal religion, social justice… and maybe some things relevant to crafty things I like to do, cats (of which I have four), international relations issues, theology, and other interests of mine that I find *might* be interesting to others. Above all, I know my mom and dad and Wolfgang (my partner) will read this so at least there will be a crowd of four of us. I welcome all others who might be interested as well! Many smiles, Elizabeth

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