Two Sister Kittens Still Up for Adoption

Our foster kittens George and Blake, have found a nice loving home in South Boston. They have two sisters who, up until three days ago, we were listing as shy. However, the girlies have has a breakthrough and morphed into cuddle bunny purr-monsters (as we like to call them). I guess they decided that humans are okay to trust and they are making up for lost time in terms of cuddling. All four kittens were found under rt. 93 at a construction site, all dirty, hungry, cold and wet. They were rescued via Second Chance Shelter in Jamaica Plain and we foster the little ones via that organization. Olivia (to the left) purrs so loud she sounds like a little motor. :) They cuddle with us, although are still scared of visitors. However, they will warm up in a few days once they are settled and comfortable in their new home. If you would like to adopt the girls TOGETHER for their entire lives (they can live up to 20 years!) and feel as though you would offer them a loving and safe home, please be in touch. They are only being adopted as a pair because they love each other so much! Savannah says that she and her sister Olivia will be getting email accounts soon, too, but they are still learning to type. In the meantime, you can be in touch with me (their foster mom) at The adoption fee is $100 each, $200 total, which is about 1/3 what it would cost to have them spayed, tested for FIV/Feline Leuk., and get shots and dewormed, which is ALL already taken care of. Please share a little about yourself when you email. We can set up a time for you to visit the girls, you can fill out an application, we’ll check references (required by Second Chance Shelter) and assuming all goes as planned, we can usually have the whole process done in about five-seven days. Looking forward to hearing from anyone wanting to grow (or start) a cat family :)

The Girls Taking Naps Together (Favorite Activity)

And cuddling with foster-brother Gustav

(Savannah is with white stripe down nose, Olivia has a black stripe on nose)

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